pH Balancing Gel


For Women Prone To Vaginal Yeast Infections
Prevents the effects related to the imbalance of the intimate flora, such as recurrent infections. Help to re-balance the physiological pH and the ecosystem while protecting from external aggression’s.
Texture: Gel
Format: 5.20 oz. – 150 g (Pump)
A refreshing and lightweight organic treatment for women who are prone to vaginal yeast infections. It is applied directly on the external intimate areas immediately after the Firming Toner. It can be used daily after any situation that may affect the pH balance or the vaginal flora. For example, during antibiotic use, during hormonal fluctuations at the time of ovulation, before menstruation or during menopause, following intercourse or when wearing tight or synthetic clothing. It may also be used after swimming, time spent in a sauna or after sports.

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